Meet the Ministry Team at Helensburgh and Stanwell Park Anglican


Steve Carlisle - Senior Minister

Steve is married to Kel and has three young children. Steve has studied at Moore College and has served at various Anglican churches across Sydney before landing at Helensburgh and Stanwell Park. He grew up in Engadine and loves the 'community feel' of 2508. He likes loud music of all kinds, any sort of sport, especially the Dragons and spicy foods. Most of all, Steve and the family love seeing people grasp the news about Jesus and have their lives transformed by Him.
Phone: 4294 1024


Matt Hall - Assistant Minister

Matt has worked in the banking world and as a high school scripture teacher. He spent time studying the Bible and arrived in 2508 at the start of 2014. He's married to the lovely Alicia, father to three young kids, enjoys a good comedy movie, dreams of snow skiing more or maybe even running a marathon, loves Romans 8:1, and hopes to point people to Jesus.

Phone: 4294 1024


Liana Loveday - Parish Administrator

Liana is helping out the behind the scenes with administrative and assistant tasks. She can be found in the office behind the church on Monday and Thursday mornings. Stick your head in and say hello if your around. When she’s not in the church office, you can find her balancing her time between her essential oil business, catching up over coffee, whipping something up in the kitchen and her husband Joel. She has a heart for the young women in the church and seeing their curiosity ignited for God.  Romans 5:1-5

Phone: 4294 1024


Ella Leach - Student Women's Minister

Finding out that she was known and loved by the creator of the world has transformed Ella's life. As a creator/designer herself, the message: that God cares about every detail of a person's life - and weaves those pieces together, in order to draw them to himself, was news too good not to be shared. She is passionate about meeting women in all seasons of life, sharing her faith with them, and encouraging them in their own. 
Phone: 4294 1024

Sunday Services

Classic Church
8:15am, Stanwell Park
Morning Church
10am, Helensburgh
Night Church
6pm, Helensburgh


75 Parkes Street, Helensburgh
Stanwell Park
54 Stanwell Avenue, Stanwell Park


77 Parkes St
Helensburgh NSW 2508
(02) 4294 1024