The Parenting Course is a fantastic course written by Paediatric Occupational Therapist Karen Lavender. This course will help you to navigate various ages and stages of parenting and will touch on such topics as communication, self esteem, resilience and discipline. 


Our prayer is that it will help you not only become the parent you want to be, but to enjoy it in the process.


This course is designed for couples to attend, learn and discuss together all in the context of excellent coffee and dessert. It will be delivered by a minister, psychologist and early childhood teacher.


It takes place 6 Monday nights from 6th August at Helensburgh Anglican Church (77 Parkes St) from 7:30-9pm each evening. 


Places are limited to 20 people, so get in early so as not to miss out! All welcome!


Register Here or for more info contact or 4294 1024





Some excellent questions have been asked about this course recently. Here are some which have been asked, feel free to ask more!

Can one parent come? 

By all means for those in single parent households, come along! For those with two at-home parents, the course is designed to be done together, so do try as best as you can to come along together as discussion makes up a good deal of our program.

Is there child minding offered?

At this stage there is no child minding offered. However we are able to put you in touch with some suitable child minding options for the duration of the six weeks if you would like some help in finding this. (This help may even be free of charge if necessary)

Can I come for just a part of the course?


Again the course is designed as a unit so to be able to come for all six weeks is desirable for yourself and continuity of the course.

Sunday Services

Classic Church
8:15am, Stanwell Park
Morning Church
10am, Helensburgh
Night Church
6pm, Helensburgh


75 Parkes Street, Helensburgh
Stanwell Park
54 Stanwell Avenue, Stanwell Park


77 Parkes St
Helensburgh NSW 2508
(02) 4294 1024